We only have so much time. We hear this a lot, but I’m not sure we talk about it enough.

The main point we miss is not that we have limited time, but the specifics of how we’re limited by it. We know we can’t be a sports star, actor, musician, politician, astronaught, Michelin star chef and the leader of our country all in one lifetime, this is obvious.

Less obvious is that we cant do all the smaller things either, like: read all the books we want, go to all the parties, watch all the movies we want, have all the conversations we want, make all the money we want, sing all the songs we want, go on all the holidays we want, climb all the trees we want, eat in all the restaurants we want etc etc.

It’s like packing for a holiday. You imagine you can bring everything you want to explore a new destination. But when you pull out your suitcase, you realise how little you might be able to fit in.

Major hat tip to Tim Urban