Numbers are incredible. Our societies wouldnt work without them. Forget about our digital technologies, far more basic things would stop working, like money! I dont know about you, but I dont want to go back to trading sheep for jam instead of using money.

As useful as numbers are, there are some dangers with them. The biggest issue with them, I believe, is that they’re infinite.

Because numbers are infinite, we find it hard to put limits on some things. For example, we might keep trying to make taller buildings, to do lower laptimes, or any other number ( 😉 ) of records.

The question then is “what is enough?”. The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article that points out the dangers of making money when you invest in companies that score well on environmental, social and governance factors.

The title of the article is “If You Want to Do Good, Expect to Do Badly”. We each need to understand what “badly” means to us. Does it mean contributing to society, but not having a high number in the bank?

If doing good means I’ll never be a millionaire, then that number s enough for me.