We’re often told that money isnt everything. If it isnt everything, then what is it?

I see money as a battery. It’s simply a social store of energy. In feudal times, you might have swapped a few eggs and some meat for a pair of shoes. This was a more direct trade of energy. The shoe vendor would have thought about how much energy it would take him to farm eggs and meat, saw that this would take him more enregy than it took him make the shoes, this was a good deal to him. And you, not being a shoemaker, saw that it took more energy for you to learn how to make shoes than it took you farming eggs and meat. A fair trade.

Nothing has changed for us except that we use money as a social measure of the energy a task taskes. You might still sell eggs and meat, but you store your sale in money, eg €50. Then you can use that €50 for anything. You can trade it for anyone elses energy. For example you might go to a show shop and trade it for €50 worth of shoe making energy.