It’s possible that our process is leading us to dead ends.

We’re always planning on doing great work. We plan to do something that the user will love.

Where do we start with our thinking though? If we’re not focused we could just come up with 5 ideas randomly.

We then need to look at the aspects of our project and only 2 might actually be good for users. We havent created two great ideas, we created five possible dead ends, where we were only lucky that two were good for users.

Imagine we started with the user. We take it that our primary concern is making sure our ideas work for the user. Now when we now come up with 5 ideas that, in their primary state, suit the user and we’re guaranteed to avoid dead ends.

Careful though, that’s only the first level, there will be more, like stakeholders, budgets, timeframes, etc. Their priorities will be different for everyone, and every project.

To make the most of our ideas, we need to give them a chance, we need to prioritise and avoid dead ends.