As a customer I have made a mistake that causes me to contact you for help. What you say next is a promise you’re making to me.

This is when you need to be careful, as there are two kinds of promise you can make me, each with its own dangers.

You might choose to promise me that my mistakes with your product are punished. It’s my fault, there’s nothing you can do, I will need to attend to my own issue. This is a promise you can easily keep as it takes no effort on your side, but be aware I may not recommend you.

On the other hand, you could make the promise that you will look after me and help me with my mistake, help me to resolve it myself, or even fix it for me without my own effort. This promise is a lot of work for you, and I will appreciate it hugely. This is where you need to be careful though, I now expect this kind of help which you have promised and will expect it. Will you be able to maintain this promise next time?

Be careful what you promise your customers when they make a mistake, it could lead you to making mistakes yourself.