Why the Springpad redesign has ruined its usefulness

I was a huge fan of Springpad, the app that lets you take all sorts of notes. You can have notes that are just plain text, images, GPS locations, all sorts.

I loved this, not because of this range though, but because I was able to take a note quickly. If I talking to someone in the office and they gave me a tip for a book to read, I could just zip into Springpad and save it. Simple and easy.

However, look at the image below:

This is the first screen you’re presented with in Springpad after logging into the Chrome app.

What’s the issue? There’s nowhere to add a note! The ENTIRE app is based around people taking notes. There is no utility to this app without notes. Yet, on the main page, there is nowhere to create a new note quickly and easily.

Springpad recently got a new design refresh. And it does look much nicer now. But they’ve really over emphasised the Notebooks. They’ve made it so that Notebooks, collections of notes, are prioritised over notes themselves. This makes the experience very frustrating.

I still love Springpad. I’ve tried AnyDo, Evernote and Wonderlist. They dont do it for me, especially on the phone. But this experience really makes me want another solution.

Springpad have made great steps forward. They have really improved the feel of how you do things in their app. It’s just the order and priority that they give to the tasks you can complete has, for me, worsened the experience.

A happy medium would be great! Take the snazzy new design and apply it to something closer to the workflow that they had before.