Trust your users, like Amazon do.

Have you ever had to cancel your credit card? You probably found that buying anything online became impossible, because they mostly paying with Credit Cards. Yesterday I bought a Kindle book from Amazon. I went to my Kindle and downloaded … Continue reading

I wrote a little book!

I’ve found that some people use Twitter quite differently to how many would normally use it. This book is a guide to using Twitter in such a way that you can teach yourself more about your career. The techniques described … Continue reading

Responsive SVG Images

I know what you’re thinking, “we’ve heard all about SVG being a nice vector format for making resolution independent, scalable graphics”. And yes, you’d be right, but this is something else. This is media queries working WITH the SVG itself. … Continue reading

The Pastry Box Project

I’ve recently discovered the blog / idea bakery called The Pastry Box Project. This, for me, is a brilliant idea. Each year the blog gets 30 top web people to promise to write a blog post between them for a … Continue reading

IndieHaus and Twitless

Hi all! Just letting you know that IndieHausĀ has just released its first web app Twitless! Read more about itĀ or just visit the app!

TEXTure bookmarklet

Just a quick note to say that I’ve released a bookmarklet called TEXTure. The idea is that it blurs the text, and masks this images on a site, so that you can better see the visual hierarchy of a site. … Continue reading